About Me


Hello,  I’m a mother of three grown boys — actually four if you count my husband.  I love to travel and I love to plan to travel almost as much as doing it!  Many people have said that I missed my calling in life and instead of being in the database business, I should have been a travel agent.  The outdoors is my favorite place to be, either hiking or on a bike trail.  I have an obsession with visiting all the National Parks and also State Capitol buildings!

I love getting local input to where I am going so I hope that as I blog, I will get new ideas of places to visit from readers out there in cyberspace.  I plan to share my favorite links and plans, and then when I do them, I will post pictures, my opinions, and funny stories.

I entitled my blogs Journeys with an S because if there is time, I have other life journeys we can discuss.  As my sister says, I always have opinions and suggestions on just about anything, but I do wait for people to ask for them which is my saving grace.  I have lost 52 pounds over a very long time and have many more to go.  However, my life journey has really made me face all the fear I have felt in my life and not let it rule me.  I took my first trip alone just last year to Colorado and was glad I faced that fear and did it!


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