Marshalltown to Grimes Farm in June

I am behind in my posts so while Iowa is now suffering from a drought, in June the rains would not stop and we experienced flooding which made it very hard to get out and camp or even get out to ride bikes!  On a rare dry June day — that actually happened on a weekend — my first bike ride of the season was on the Marshalltown bike trail.

June wildflowers

I like to start out by driving to the Y in Marshalltown and parking in their lot since it is so big and also a water source on return!  Taking the trail westward, it is more on the edge of the downtown area so I can get out of the city pretty quickly.  I like riding to the Grimes Farm which is a conservation area with a visitor’s center and some nice picnic areas to sit and eat a snack before heading back.

Continuing past Grimes Farm onto the new section which goes along Highway 30 and then up 330 to Melbourne, I wanted to be sure that I biked 5 miles out before I headed back.  As you can see in the picture below, there is absolutely no shade on this section and it is very hilly so I did not last long as the sun was unrelenting!

bike trail on the way to Melbourne

Once back at Grimes Farm, I stopped and ate my almonds and cheese stick while watching a cute little chipmunk sneaking up on me before skittering away and colorful birds flitting around.  This time I went into the Visitor Center and was very impressed with their displays!  It was nice being in some air conditioning because did I mention it was HOT out?!

The trail back to Marshalltown is very shady and woodsy, and I quickly became obsessed with how big the Queen Anne’s Lace was!  I don’t think I have ever seen it that tall.  So I am going to end this post with a very rare selfie, (since I hate pictures taken of myself, let alone me taking it) because I want to give a reference for how high the Queen Anne’s Lace was!  For more posts on the Marshalltown, Iowa, Trail, click here.

Selfie with Queen Anne Lace


4 thoughts on “Marshalltown to Grimes Farm in June

  1. Looks like a great bike ride. I’ve never seen Queen Anne’s Lace that tall either! We are a very normal summer here in Texas, hot but nothing like two summers ago. We’ve also had a fair amount of rain so it’s unusally green for the end of July.

    • It is so sad here because in June we experienced so much rain many farmers had to replant their fields due to flooding. Now there is no rain so the crop is just drying up.

  2. You should do more “selfies” because it really does give a good perspective on things and the pic was cute!!

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