Hualapai Mountain Park – Kingman, Az

view from top of mountain

My last adventure during my trip in February that I am finally getting around to sharing was a fun hike we did in the county park of Hualapai Mountain Park. (Don’t ask me how to pronounce it!)  The dichotomy of being in this dry desert heat and yet having snow in the mountains fascinated me.  Being from Iowa, the idea that I was surrounded by desert and hiking in short sleeves and yet having to worry about slipping on the snow just blew my mind.


We got there about lunch time so decided to eat first in this really charming restaurant that was a part of the park.  One whole side of the room was glass so we could observe a herd of Elk right outside the window as we ate.


The food was good and the view entertaining!


After a huge lunch, it was off to hike the meal off.  Wow, did we burn calories going up basically the side of a mountain through various switch backs.  However, the snow added some additional calorie burn as it was so slippery!

snowy mountainside

I had hubby pose for this funny picture, and I also like how it gives some perspective of how huge that boulder was.  We, of course, went around it.


Fell in love with the tree below!


Once at the top, wow, the views were incredible.  I’ll leave you with a few views.

view from top

hubby at top

view from top 2


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