Let it Snow!

frosty door

Although I have been busy with Christmas and now New Years, I wanted to share a couple of photos because we did get snow as forecasted!  We had a nice little blizzard on a day I didn’t have to go anywhere so I actually could enjoy it.   I think it is funny when the reflection captures me, the photographer.  The above photo makes me shiver every time I look at it, but that could be because it is cold here in Iowa  (highs in the teens)!

As the below picture shows,this blizzard made everything look so beautiful as it first icy rained and then the very wet snow followed to coat all the trees, much like frosting coats the sugar cookies here at Christmas time.  When the sun came out, it was just brilliantly sparkly and finally it felt like Christmas.

dog pen covered in snow

Last year we never got this much snow at one time, so I was ecstatic to try my snowshoes out and tramped around the neighborhood with the black lab.  I wish someone would have been with me to take photos because the dog seemed to think I was on skis and, therefore, she thought she needed to pull me all over! Instead, as she would suddenly pull and pitch me forward, I almost face-planted a few times trying to keep up with her.  I’m sure the neighbors had a good laugh.

I hope everyone had a great holiday time off to spend with loved ones and family, and now looking forward to a new year, my wish and hope for everyone is peace.

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