As Winter approaches, a Beautiful Day in the Park


Since so far the snow has refused to come to Iowa (supposed to snow today!), I thought I would share some photos I took in November of our local county park where I take my black lab sometimes.  We walk/jog intervals around the lake and breath in the great, crisp country air.  With all the fall leaves gone, I enjoy looking at the naked trees with their various limbs,  bent sometimes in gnarled shapes and other times outstretched towards the sky.  Usually here in Iowa I would not be walking around in just a hooded sweatshirt in late November, but we continue to have unusually warm weather along with no snow or rain for that matter.  We are supposed to have a blizzard Thursday so I do have my snowshoes ready.  However, until then, it was fun to remember this beautiful day in November.


I found the above tree interesting.  Thinking back to the Lord of the Rings movies where the trees come alive and carry the hobbits, I like to imagine trees like this coming alive and talking about all they have seen.  In the below picture I enjoyed the sun’s rays slanting across the water and the small trees.  I was reminded of a huge windstorm we had in the past because I could see where the one tree is damaged at the top, but the little tree continues on reaching towards the heavens.

tree with sunrays

As the dog and I hit a paved portion of the path and rounded the big curve in the road, all of a sudden she perked up.

dog from back

I wonder what she is looking at?!

ducks landing

Of course, ducks and geese.  I was excited to get a couple of them landing in the water.  There were also some young deer playing along the water’s edge, but of course, I could not get close enough with my cell phone camera to get a picture.  It was a windy day so I think we may have been the only ones at the park, so with good exercise and nature surrounding me, my soul was restored.  Who can resist a happy fully exercised dog too!

Happy Black Lab


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