Last but Certainly not Least — More New Orleans!

My final post on New Orleans for this trip consists of a hodge-podge assortment of photos I wanted to share but didn’t fit into any other blog.

I am especially proud of my shot of the Saint Louis Cathedral in the above photo.  My small camera has broken so this was just taken with my cell phone!  The cathedral is one of the most photographed buildings in New Orleans.  On the tour they explained that this is the oldest cathedral that has been in continuous use in North America. The cathedral opens onto Jackson Square which is a great place to stroll around and look at all the artists that display their art/wares  for sale. There were several paintings that had me wishing I was rich and could afford to purchase! One night we also went to Jackson Square to arrange an evening horse-drawn carriage ride.

Perhaps the place I spent the most time was located near the end of the Riverwalk and cable car line — the French Market.


I made several visits to this open-air market.  As you can see, it did have a roof but no sides, so the vendors are open to the environment.  There were a lot of booths to shop!  I wanted to be sure to support the local economy! hehe   Also, I did find an actual store near the French Market area that sold local artists’ items where I did find some small items I actually could afford.

At the very end of the French Market was a row of booths selling food.  I did stop for some yummy shrimp.

A tasty little snack!

The last two pictures are of a lovely convent that we rode by on the city bus tour.  It was explained that a long time ago New Orleans suffered a fire where most of the buildings except the convent were burnt to the ground.  Perhaps the nuns prayed and God heard their prayers and saved the convent.  However it happened, I am just glad it was saved!


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