Outdoors in New Orleans

City Park tree

In my first post on New Orleans (here), I highlighted the colorful creole houses, but this blog is my favorite because I am talking about photos more focused on my favorite things — the statues, trees, and, of course, the Mississippi — as I walked around New Orleans.  After the stop at the cemetery that I wrote about in the previous post, the bus took us to City Park.  I can’t believe I did not make it back here after this initial very brief visit, but it was not to be on this trip.  There is a sculpture park here along with the an art museum that I will visit one day!

city park tree closeup

We did actually get off the bus and enjoy the trees.  At least this happened on the one nice day I had, and I just love trees so was “a very happy camper”!   The tour guide said after the rains the moss hanging down turns bright green.

Mississippi The above picture is of the Mississippi River which was  just a block away from my hotel.  The Riverwalk was a very nice area, but it was cold and windy since the sidewalk was right on top of the dike.  As you can guess by the clouds, it did indeed rain on Monday so I did not make it out until noon or so.  There is a free pedestrian ferry that will take you across the river, but I never had the chance to go across.

As I have mentioned in many posts, I love sculptures and statues.  The photo below was a statue on the Riverwalk looking out over the Mississippi River honoring the immigrants.  This was my favorite sculpture!

On the other side of the French Market there was the below sculpture.

Lastly but certainly not least: Once we left the French Market area, we headed back to the hotel and ran into Joan of Arc.  How cool is all the gold?!


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