Des Moines’ Color Run

After reading a blog about a 5k Color Run in California, I thought now there is a 5K I could really enjoy, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out there was going to be one in Des Moines.  However, whenever I tried to explain it to someone, it came off sounding very weird so I ended up saying, “It is a 5k run or walk or dance that is totally for fun where colored powder is thrown, but go and Google it and watch the videos to truly understand it!”

The Des Moines Color Run was right by our beautiful capitol building so of course I had to stop and take a picture.  We were a part of the 4pm wave, so I thought it was interesting to see some runners from the 1 pm wave amongst the new white T-shirt runners.  Previous to Saturday we had beautiful weather, but of course the day of the race it was cloudy, windy and cold out!

We are waiting in line here ready to get started.  Aren’t the tutus pretty?  In our pre-race packet you got a T-shirt and head band along with one packet of color that you could throw at any point but they urged you to wait until the end when they had a countdown and everyone threw it together at once.

People People everywhere you looked!  Des Moines broke the Color Run attendance record previously held by the very first one with over 27,000 signed up.  One lady in the crowd commented to me that must mean Des Moines has the most fun, fitness-minded people, and I said I was going to go with that viewpoint from now on as my thought was a negative that Iowa people must not have a lot of fun things to do! HA

We finally took off after some stop and starts as different waves would take off and we would jog up two feet and stop until we finally got to the start line and it was our time to go.  Every kilometer or so was a color station like the blue one in the photo above where you ran through people shaking color on you.

We saved our color for the end and threw it up so I guess you know what color packet I had!

There was music going and people dancing and look at the ground!  However, I would have enjoyed the ending so much more if I wasn’t freezing as I cooled down so we did not stick around long for the music and dancing and color.   We headed to the car and warmth!

4 thoughts on “Des Moines’ Color Run

    • It is just beautiful while in the air, and I didn’t get a shot of the end when everyone threw different colors because I was too cold to wait around for another event to take a picture from afar when it looked the coolest!

    • Thanks! You are such an inspiration to me that I have begun walking/jogging on a trail that goes around our country lake but I die on the hills..rofl

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