Iowa’s Fall Transformation Begins

As you can see in the above picture, fall has just started its magical transformation.  This past weekend I went on our local bike path and brought my camera along to try to capture the early changes.  This coming weekend will be prime viewing time of the fall leaves here in Iowa.  My drive to work on Friday morning should be the best this season as the reds begin to add to the golds and oranges.

The trail goes by the golf course, and the trees were just starting to turn a pretty yellow.

It was just a beautiful day as you can see and it was cool enough that I got to wear a hooded sweatshirt.  Fall is my favorite season, but it goes by fast so I try to enjoy every second of it!

When I saw the milkweed, I was instantly transported back in time to my happy, carefree childhood when I would pick the pods and crack them open, finding the soft downy seeds irresistible.

I resisted the urge to play with the cottony seeds and continued on.  The trail also goes around our local lake.

On my way home going down a hill, I didn’t want to stop and take any more pictures, but then I saw a tree I just had to take a picture of so I took the picture as I coasted by on my bike so I was very surprised to see it turned out at all!  I’ll leave you with that one.

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