Viva Las Vegas!

One rare evening last winter when the entire family was actually together sitting around our living room, we got on the subject of how the twins would be turning 21 in August.  Now, you have to understand that as a family we play poker and hold tournaments for fun so the conversation turned pretty easily to how we should all go to Vegas since the entire family could gamble together.  The kids have been to Vegas before to visit their aunt when the twins were around 5 or so, and my oldest son was 10 where the five of us poured into a Ford Ranger and drove all the way there and back.  Also hubby and I try to go every so often on our own.  So that is how the twins, my oldest son and his wife, and hubby and I ended up in Vegas over Labor Day weekend.  The picture above is out my window at the Excalibur.

Since there were so many of us and it was over Labor Day, we went the cheapest route we could find and stayed at the Excalibur.  This is my husband’s favorite place and we stay here most of the time anyway, but there is no room service and the beds are average.  So if you are looking for a great deal and don’t plan to spend a lot of time in your bedroom but yet have a great pool and casino right there, this is a great place.  We ate lunch at Lynard Skynard’s BBQ restaurant inside the Excalibur and wow, was that the right choice.  It is pricey for 6 people but well worth it!  One of the twins was up money so he had their $10 honey badger drink that was so good his aunt first had to order one after tasting his and then she looked the recipe up online so she could try to create it at home.

Bon Jovi was the featured artist.

One night was spent on Fremont Street which is the original Las Vegas strip, and this was the first time that I made it here.  What a fun party atmosphere!  I loved the old casinos and the outdoor area that wasn’t really outdoors because of the canopy.  The picture above is while the show is on so all the lights are turned off the casinos.  The picture below is once the show is over all the other lights come back on.  I loved all the old light bulb lights!  I remember my parents coming here when I was little when this was the strip.  We ate dinner at the 4 Queens where most of us had the $10 prime rib special.

On Friday when we got there everyone wanted to go to the Excalibur dinner show with the medieval meal and show so we did that first.  It is really geared towards kids, but my grown-up kids had a blast even though our knight kept losing.  It is very corny but they loved it.

I think I was the biggest kid of all, but I did have to laugh at the M&M store when my kids insisted on going to the free M&M 3D movie entitled “I lost my M in Vegas”.  We were the only all-adult group in the theater, but it was totally worth waiting around!  By the way, the M & M store is four floors, and I highly recommend it for all ages.  I ended up with a M&M fleece blanket, and we found a photo booth that we had a lot of fun smooshing into for a picture.

Next to the M&M store is the Coke store where we paid $7 for two trays of Cokes from other countries.  There was only one that was outright horrible with a very bitter taste where the kids wanted to roll dice to see who had to drink that one.  Luckily we had no dice and talked them out of that.  The others were very different and interesting mixes.

We decided to walk all the way up the strip to the other end where the Venetian is and explore as we went along and then take the monorail back.  We stop off at the Paris Hotel for some air conditioning and slots.

Eventually we did make it to the Venetian.  If I were rich and could stay anywhere I wanted on the strip, I would choose the Venetian.  It is just beautiful as you can see from the pictures below.

The ceiling at the Venetian

The gondola ride winds all around inside but also takes you outside briefly.

We then headed back to Harrah’s to pick up the monorail back to the MGM.  It was $5 for a one-way ride and well worth the cost since we were all hot and tired.  Once at the MGM, we walked through their casino checking out their poker room and headed outside where we saw New York New York across the street so had to take a picture of that.

Our sightseeing accomplished, we then focused on a last night of gambling before we got up at 5 am to head back to the airport and home.  I would like to thank my daughter-in-law for most of these pictures.  Where else but Vegas could you visit New York, Paris, and Venice all in a few hours!

6 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas!

  1. I remember walking the strip with you and we couldn’t figure out how to take the monorail OR we just wanted to walk, but we were so tired we could hardly make it back! Glad you had it easier this time…sure looked like a lot of fun!!!

    • I am not sure why in the world we did not take the monorail back! I just remember thinking we would never get back to the Mirage! I do know on the way back we were on the other side of the street. Maybe we didn’t get tired until we thought we were almost back. ha

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