Loess Hills Lavender Farm

For about a month I have been wanting to visit this lavender farm located on the western edge of Iowa so when I got a chance to go to Council Bluffs, Iowa, for work, I made sure this farm was on my route.  The Loess Hills are a geographic phenomena that gave rise to bluffs on the normally flat terrain of the Missouri River flood plain.  I always thought it was pronounced with a long O and discovered it is pronounced “luss” or “less”.

This farm was extremely hard to find — at least for me — partly because GPS did not work for me and partly because of the Loess Hills themselves because whenever I wanted to change directions east or west, I’d have to drive further south or north to go around the bluff instead of just turning immediately right or left.  I hope that the signage will improve over time although there were a few.

I am not sure what I expected, but as you can see from this picture, it doesn’t appear to be a big area.  I think I pictured acres and acres of flowers, and perhaps I would go frolic around them?  I do have the tendency to romanticise things I plan to do, such as the time I made sure my backpacking campsite allowed a fire as I imagined hubby and I sitting by it in the evening, and instead I was asleep in my tent before it even got dark!

I did buy lavender-scented items, such as lotion and lip balm, from the farm store.  Then forgetting that I could have paid to pick my own bundle, instead I just went on the short hike to take a closer look and enjoy them.  It was definitely prettier up close.  Did I mention it was in the 90s that day?  Also I’m sure it would have been prettier if Iowa wasn’t in such a drought so there was not much green like one would normally see.

I will leave you with my best picture of the lavender.  Too bad I can’t have the scent waft out of your computer, huh!

3 thoughts on “Loess Hills Lavender Farm

  1. Lavender grows in my front garden, but it’s one of the first things that blooms in the spring. I love when it’s in full bloom, though it doesn’t last long. The bushes are covered in bees and the scent is lovely. I’ve always wanted to make soap from the blossoms.

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