Bicycling Clive to Des Moines, Iowa,

Since I work in Des Moines and have a long drive each day to work, I sometimes spend the night with a friend who lives in Clive.  We have been having continuous horribly hot weather here in the Midwest, but we managed to go on a bike ride one night after work on a rare evening when it cooled off enough for us to be able to go.  We headed out on the Greenbelt Bike Trail which has a trail head  just down the hill from her house,and our goal was to make it to Grey’s Lake which is a fantastic lake right in the middle of the city.  We have many fond memories of Grey’s Lake, where we hung out in college, but that is another story!

All along the trail you will see these sign posts where bike trails intersect other bike trails, and although a bit confusing, I just think it’s great that, number one,  they have them well marked and, number two, that Des Moines has so many trails to pick from!  The Greenbelt trail twists and turns its way towards town and is highly popular, so you have to watch out for others and we stayed single file as we pedaled.  It is a paved trail with the occasional wood-planked bridge like the one below.  Most of the trail is shaded, and although we didn’t see any deer this time, we have seen deer on the trail before.

Nine or so miles later we found ourselves at Grey’s Lake where they have a really nice patio area with tables and chairs located on the top of a small hill so you can really enjoy the view.

The following picture is not the greatest, but I have to show off the gold dome of our Iowa Capitol building that you could see off in the distance.

After a rest and chat at our table, we cast one last look at the Des Moines skyline and headed back glad that we finally got to get outside and enjoy a nice evening.

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