Sunday’s Hike

Iowa has been in a drought for several weeks now. There has been a bit of rain here and there, but nothing that has been anywhere near what we need!  I had a quiet weekend so decided to share a walk through the local conservation area that husband, dog, and I went on Sunday.

We started out on this gravel road and then took a left and headed into the woods.  Hubby led the way because he knows this area like the back of his hand.  Everyone should look around for nearby conservation areas because they are so nice and are never very crowded.  We can let the dog just run and don’t have to worry about a leash.  Hunting dogs are taught to head out and keep circling back to you so it’s fun to see her work.

We turned into the woods which was a  great relief from the hot sun.  It was interesting to see that deep in the woods there was still moisture.  The ground was springy and there was mud down in the ravines.

Then the woods gave way to the prairie grasses.

I wish I could convey the sounds I heard as I walked along.  I just feel so good out here with the birds singing and the flowers.

7 thoughts on “Sunday’s Hike

    • Thanks, unfortunately ours doesn’t know the meaning of not going all out all the time so she was limping the next day! She has a slightly lose hip joint, I guess, but she was sure happy at the time!

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