Beautiful Boone River Bike Trail near Webster City, Iowa

I mentioned in my Brushy Creek post (here) that my daughter-in-law and I went on a nearby bike trail on the outskirts of Webster City.  As you can see in the picture, the Boone River bike trail is a nicely paved bike trail that wanders through Briggs Woods County Park.  It is very curvy and hilly, and, of course, it was 90 degrees outside by the time we were finished.  Luckily they had an ice-cold water pump along the trail where I was finally able to cool off because I was having to stop a lot due to the heat.  Of course, we were almost back to the car by then.  Why did it seem every time we went uphill there was no shade and we were under the glaring sun?!  Conversely, every time we hit a downhill, I swear it was nicely shaded as we zipped on by!?

Just a beautiful trail!  It went by small lakes like in the picture above, over rivers like the picture below, and through wooded areas.

The bridge crossing the stream had a pull off area right in the middle of the bridge with a bench on each side so we stopped to take a picture.  If it was cooler out, it would have been the perfect place to stop and just watch the stream flow past.

All in all, it was a great place for a bike ride so stop by if you are ever in the neighborhood!

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