Enjoying the Harbor in Kenosha, WI

My mom and I decided to head up to Wisconsin for a weekend to help my sister celebrate her 50th birthday with the added bonus we’d all be together to celebrate Mother’s Day before we headed back to our respective homes.  I was surprised to find out that the Best Western was the only hotel in Kenosha right on the harbor.  While the room was just okay, the view out our window was fantastic (as you can see below), and we enjoyed getting out walking along the harbor.

There were great restaurants all around that we could walk to along with several museums.  Since we were only spending one night here, we only got to sample one restaurant and didn’t make it to any museums.  We checked out the park and watched a couple of parachute boarders zigging and zagging out on Lake Michigan.  First they would speed out, away from shore, and then flip it around and head back towards shore.

I got a closer picture when they brought them in.

They sure made it look fun, but it also looked like it took an awful lot of arm strength, not to mention balance.

I knew there really wouldn’t be much time to ride bikes so I didn’t bring my bikes and instead spent the morning walking all around the harbor, but for anyone interested, I think Kenosha is a great place to ride.  We saw a lot of bikers, walkers, joggers, and fishermen all along the trail.  We mainly kept to the harbor area and made sure to check out the farmer’s market which was having its last weekend inside.  For the rest of the summer it is outside, and everyone seems to know about the outdoor market.  However, if you happen to come to Kenosha during the indoor season, don’t expect anyone to know where it is!  We walked all over asking and not one person knew exactly where it was.  I was so glad that we did finally stumble upon it when the last person we asked said they knew it was inland somewhere.  We found the Rhode Theater finally and were greeted by music and fresh lemonade.

I ran out of money and had to borrow from mom to get all my purchases and could have bought more!  The cheese, of course, was the best, although the flax bread was a close second.

We hurried back to our hotel as it was getting late and checked out.  We were off to Racine and another Lake Michigan Harbor.

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