Spring has come early to Iowa

Spring time in Iowa is a beautiful time of year after the first rains get over with.  Everything turns green and the tulips burst forth.  These are double tulips, and I came close to missing out on getting these pictures because Spring happened so early this year.  As you can see, these are almost done flowering.

They just make me want to smile!  We had so many more planted, but the rabbits eat them off right as they come up!  Below is my favorite shot of our regular tulips that hubby planted last fall.  I definitely plan to plant more bulbs for next year.

Life has been crazy at work, and I am going to try to get back to more regular entries as soon as April is over with!  I love coming out and sitting on my patio enjoying the flowers.  They are just great stress-relievers so decided to share them with you.

2 thoughts on “Spring has come early to Iowa

  1. A chicken wire fence around them until they are about ready to bloom is the only way I can keep the rabbits from eating mine. This year wasn’t quite as bad for rabbits but some of my tulips that have come up for several years in a row were not to be seen! They tell me that all of the holes I was seeing in my flower garden could have been made by squirrels who love to eat the bulbs. With very little snow cover this winter, perhaps that is what happened. Do you have pretty lilacs this year? All the flowering bushes and trees have been exceptional in our area.

    • Yes, although our lilacs are old, they were beautiful. I did miss my pear tree, though, that was blown down last year in a storm. I never knew that squirrels like bulbs, but we do have a lot of them so it may have been them then.

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