You are looking at a picture of what my hubby surprised me with for Christmas.  Now, one has to understand that I have been talking about wanting to try snowshoeing for years.  However, I wanted to try it once to make sure it was something I liked to do.  Now I am going to feel like I have to go many times just because I need to make the cost worth it! The only comment I ever get when announcing that I got snowshoes for Christmas is about how hard it is to do!  I have a reprive since in Iowa there is not enough snow yet, although after listening to the forecasters last night, I may get to use them this weekend!  I can’t remember a January in recent past where we had absolutely no snow on the ground for the first half of January and we also experienced record high temperatures!

So I can’t tell you a tale of how it all went yet, and I really don’t have any adventures to write about since the landscape is so bleak.  I tried to take a picture of the huge orange moon I watched as I drove home from work a couple of days ago, but I just could not get the picture to accurately portray the gigantic beautiful orange moon, probably because I pulled off the interstate and tried to time the picture between cars and tried to hold the camera still, et cetera.  It never looked as big and beautiful as it truly was so I gave up and headed home.

I did find a Midwest Living’s article on the best places in the Midwest to go in the winter time (link here) really motivating.  After reading them all, I’m now trying to figure out when I can go to the Black Hills in the next month or two as it sounds perfect for me!  I never thought of going there in the wintertime!  I would love to hear any suggestions on places to stay or go to during the winter months if anyone has any suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Snowshoeing?

    • No! I really can’t believe I didn’t get to. There wasn’t even one day this winter that we had over 2-3 inches of snow and even then it was around for an day at most….unheard of!

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