Final Stop – Half Moon Cay

Our last stop on our Holland America Cruise was at their private island named Half Moon Cay, and we really enjoyed ourselves there!!  We signed up for the eco bike and kayak excursion, but there was plenty of time afterwards to get out and swim and lay in the sun one last time before we headed back to cold Iowa.

As you can see from the above photo, we shared the island with another ship until about 1 pm when they departed and we got to stay!  Since we had already been on a kayak excursion, I would have been happy to skip that portion of this excursion and just ride the bikes.  I didn’t learn anything new, and there was absolutely no instruction on how to kayak compared to the other excursion I was on.  It was windy and tough kayaking with no discussion at all while on the water.  However, I really enjoyed the bike ride.  It felt so good to get on a bike again (even if they were old bikes) and pedal around!  Our guide, however, did not have much to say when we made about 3 different stops.  I did get to see a big ray come out of the water over by where they had them fenced in for the brave snorkelers to pet.

Just laying around in such a beautiful environment and swimming out in the cool clear waters when you got too hot was just perfect.  Since it’s their island, all the food was free, and they served a big lunch time meal right off the beach that we caught the end of after biking before they started packing everything back up.  There was also a bar that looked like a wrecked ship with island music playing and dancing.

Just a cool, perfect way to say goodbye to the Bahamas!


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