Picturesque St. Thomas was the next stop during our cruise

While the rolling hills of St. Thomas made this island my favorite to just gaze upon, it was also the biggest disappointment.  We stopped at St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, and with great anticipation, we got off the ship to head off on our excursion to St. John’s National Park.  I was SO excited because I was going to get a national park stamp to a national park I never thought I would get to visit!  As you have probably guessed by now, after standing in the hot sun for an hour because we wanted a good seat on the high-speed ferry that you had to take to get there, the lady came around telling us it was cancelled.  The ferry is the only way to get there and so it wasn’t like we could figure out a different way to get there.  They said there was something about the engine or pump that wasn’t working, but we were there early and watched it come to the dock.  We were probably the fifth person in line so we kept trying to board and the workers would just wave us away saying not yet.  Ugh!

So I didn’t get to see anything but shops on this beautiful island.  If you like to shop, by the way, you would love this area.

This was my favorite island for just looking at it scenery-wise because it’s very hilly and I was wishing I had signed up for some of the other excursions that got you out into the hills or to a beach area.

Instead we spent it in the shops nearby.  The lizards did entertain me for quite a while, though.  There were a ton of them, but I tried to limit my pictures for this blog to a couple of key ones.

So after doing a bit of shopping, we returned to the Eurodam and relaxed.

3 thoughts on “Picturesque St. Thomas was the next stop during our cruise

  1. That had to be really frustrating because I KNOW how much you wanted that National Park stamp. When you say the ferry was the only way to get there, was that public transportation? Like, could you have hired a private speed boat to take you? Probably would have cost a fortune! What is the main language on St. Thomas Island?

    • Well, I should have been more clear on that. It is public transportation, yes, or at least there were a ton of different tours from different boats going on this high speed ferry. Our problem was we were on a very limited time period, and they don’t even recommend going on your own because of the fact it’s hard to get back in time due to limited transportation. That is why we needed the high speed one so we could get over and back quickly. You probably can hire someone to boat you there privately but doubt they would sit around until you are ready to go back? As for the language, it is in the US virgin Islands so it was English as far as I could tell, but I was only in stores so really don’t know. They definitely had an island accent to it.

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