Holland America’s Eurodam

The Eurodam was just a beautiful ship with a lot of cozy little places you could sneak away and relax in.  Since this is the first cruise I have been on, I’m not sure if the older crowd and lack of participation with events was because we chose the week before Thanksgiving to cruise or if it was the norm.  They did say they had something like 17 kids on the ship this trip, but on Thanksgiving week they had 500 kids scheduled.  Hubby and I were not looking for kids per se, but we thought maybe more people would show up for things like the ping-pong tournament if there was a slightly younger crowd.  He did win a travel coffee mug for me since only two people showed up, my husband being one of them!

This cruise was perfect if you wanted to relax, though, and lay in the sun by the pool, swim, or quietly read.  Otherwise, I think you should try a different ship.  My — and also hubby’s — favorite place (as you can see in the picture) on the entire ship was Explorations, a mix of a coffee bar, Internet cafe, and library.  Hubby loved the lounge chairs but he had to time it just right to grab one because they were so popular.  The only reason no one was around in the picture is because we were docked, and everyone was still out enjoying St. Thomas.

We also visited the disco each night for a few dances when I could manage to stay up for it.  I was disappointed in the DJ because he would just load up a song and leave the booth!  There were no requests and like 10 people at the MOST whenever we were there.  You’d think he would be encouraging us to request music so we’d dance.  We also went to the stage shows each night filled with singing and dancing which were great!!  I would have liked more evening options, though, like a comedian show.  One night they had a magician which I am not real into so we did not go to that.  I found out later that this was the one ship that did not have a tennis court so I think I would be a lot happier choosing one with a tennis court so I could have played every day.  However, with the high winds every day, I may not have been able to anyway.  Our cruising buddies said this was the roughest cruise they had been on.  Thank goodness I did not get seasick though.  I have gotten sick before going across the English channel in a ferry so we were worried I might get sick, but it’s a different kind of rocking in these ships so if you have been sick before on a smaller boat, you still might be okay on these ships.

The food was fantastic!  Everything was so flavorful, and it was pretty easy to eat healthy if you wanted.  It was also easy to pig out if you wanted to do that.  Hubby always got full.  We usually ate breakfast and lunch at the buffet on the Lido deck, and then went to the more formal dinners in the dining room each evening.  I didn’t take pictures of the evening fancy food, I guess because I was too busy eating?  Anyway, the picture is of one breakfast I had. We managed to also try out the sliced pizza that was always available for snacks and the burgers and fries at the grill for lunch a couple of times.  I wasn’t that sold on the pizza, but the salmon burger was very good!!  One night we spent the $20 more and ate at the premium restaurant Pinnacle Grill where hubby and friends had big steaks and I had lamb.  I had gone to the cooking show where the chef prepared the soup that is served in the Pinnacle Grill so enjoyed having that and will enjoy it again when I make it at home!

Back to that rocking motion I mentioned in the beginning.  I’ve decided there is something about it that makes you feel sleepy all the time!  I slept more than I ever have before on a trip.  I came back to work just feeling so relaxed and rested it was incredible.  Usually I feel like I need a day of vacation to recover from my vacation.  As you can see the cabins were small but comfortable.  There was plenty of room for storage with three closets with varying sizes of shelves for all of our things in the entry way as you enter.

Our friends had a balcony room so we enjoyed going up to their room and sitting on their balcony, especially as we pulled out of Ft. Lauderdale, but as you can kind of tell from the picture, it was a bit of a squeeze with four of us.  It definitely felt rougher up there, though, than in the exact middle of the ship where we were.

As we left Ft. Lauderdale, we watched the sunset and soon the lights blinked on from land slowly fading to total blackness as land fell away to only the seas.

Next up will be Grand Turk!

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