A Stormy Night in Washington DC

This was my first time to Washington DC, but I wasn’t able to spend much time sight-seeing as I had a conference to attend so I only managed to get away one night to see the monuments.  We stayed at the Westin Tyson’s Corner Hotel in Falls Church, VA.  I really loved the hotel’s ambiance and rooms.  However, in order to get to the mall or the Metro, you had to have the hotel’s van take you. Now, there were scheduled times it left, but if you had a large enough group, you could get it to take you at other times also.  I just found it a bit clunky if you wanted to do any sight-seeing.

See how the puddles reflected the Washington monument?  The only night we could all go together it, of course, stormed!  A small group of brave souls decided we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity so off we went to brave the elements.  I was really close to backing out as it had been storming like crazy with tornado watches and warnings, but we waited it out and eventually it stopped for a while.  Below is my favorite photo, but we were in such a hurry to see everything before it started to rain again, that we didn’t stop long to take pictures.

I don’t even have a picture of my favorite monument which was the Korean War Memorial.  Wow, if you get a chance to see it at night, GO!  That was so spooky and cool I found myself looking around for enemies.  It’s a whole platoon of realistic statues walking along on patrol, and at night their faces are lit and become very ghostlike.

Just as we decided we had seen enough, some serious thunder and lightning started in.  We started waving down cabs on a busy street trying to find one in a hurry.  It was that scary kind of lightning!  Finally just as the rain started coming down in big plops we got one to stop.  Even though he didn’t know where our hotel was and there were five of us, we didn’t give him a chance to back out and dove into the cab saying, “We’ll look it up on our phones!”  With four of us in the back with the lightest girl sitting on our laps, we made it back dry and happy we didn’t back out!

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