Bridging Downtown to Nature – Jefferson City Pedestrian Bridge

After visiting the Missouri capitol building, the plan was to drive to this bridge that spans the Missouri River into Jefferson City and check out the brand new pedestrian bridge which is the lower row of the bridge in the above picture.  I didn’t realize it was so close to the capitol building so we decided to just leave our car parked and walk to it and across it.  The bridge was just completed this fall, and what makes this special is before there was no good way to cross it on bike from the Katy Trail (a great rails-to-trails bike path I’ll review next) to stay at the downtown bed and breakfasts or hotels.  In the above picture you can see the capitol building on the left.

The fencing on the bridge is really high so it’s a bit annoying when trying to see the view but probably very necessary.

Here is a couple of views from the bridge.

Then at the end of the bridge there are all these ramps that reminded me of a parking garage. I guess it is like that so you can make a gradual descent down or up when on a bike.

Once we got down the ramps, though, there is a nice paved path leading to this small park that is a public access point to the Missouri River.  (The top picture was taken from the park.)  There were a lot of people out fishing, and a lot of people were also picnicking on such a beautiful day.  I couldn’t believe all the sand along the river making it appear beach-like all along here.

I found the sign below at the boat ramp really fascinating because it shows the different river levels and you can see how low it is right now and how high it can get!  Then at the top of the sign were all the river miles listed to different cities.  I believe if you click on the picture it will blow it up so you can read it better.

You can see that the sign was not even in the water at all the water was so low!

Leading away from this park was the bike path that sooner or later connected with the Katy Trail in North Jefferson.  We were anxious to get to our bed and breakfast and the Katy trail so did not stop to check out the North Jefferson part of the Katy trail.  Next week I will blog about when we actually rode on the Katy Trail.

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