Missouri’s State Capitol

Hubby and I had a wedding to attend in Lake of the Ozarks on Saturday night so Sunday I finally had a chance to visit Missouri’s capitol building in Jefferson City.  As I commented before on my blog about South Carolina’s capitol building here, the gold dome of Iowa’s capitol building makes the exterior of all other capitols not as fabulous, but I enjoyed the grounds and the statues and the beautiful interiors. One thing that set this capitol apart was the entire first floor is a free museum.

There were two fountains flanking  the entrance  but they were too far apart to capture both of them in one picture so here is one of them.

I wish I knew why I like big statues of people so much.  I really liked these huge statues on each side of the building.  I wish I knew the stories behind these statues and what they were supposed to represent.

We then headed inside.  Hubby has to read every display in the museum, so after I skimmed through everything, I took some shots of the beautiful interior and the dome.  I’ll try to just pick a few so you can get an idea.

After we had our fill of museums and paintings, we decided to walk down to the brand new .7 mile pedestrian bridge across the Missouri River so my next blog will be about that.

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