Trout Fishing in Iowa

Hubby and I had planned on going camping again Sat. night, but when the forecast changed and it stayed cold, I said no way so we decided to leave early Sunday morning for a trout fishing adventure.  It was a cool morning but the sun started to peep out as we got closer.  It takes a couple of hours to get to the trout streams in Iowa because they are clustered mainly around the NE area of Iowa.  We managed to catch our limit at the first place we stopped which was Joy Springs, a small county park by Strawberry Point, Iowa.  I really had forgotten how much fun fall trout fishing is.  The trout are so active and really splash around when you catch them.  It’s also just beautiful scenery to enjoy as you tramp up and down the bank.

There is a nice parking lot and we always hope to not see many cars!!  You can see we were lucky Sunday morning because there was only one other car.  Then you follow the path down to the stream.  It has a shelter area and fire pit but that is about it.

I became obsessed with these flowers…

We caught our limit which was five each and off we went to grab some lunch at a convenience store.  Then we took it to Backbone State Park and had lunch at a picnic bench.  I started getting sleepy so we decided to skip the trail this time and head home after a pleasant drive through the park.  This really is my favorite state park in Iowa.  Part of the park had been closed to traffic because of bad storm so we were excited to see they had all the road repairs done and we were able to drive all the way through the park.  We reminisced and got nostalgic over all the spots where we have taken the boys in the past when they were little, like the time we got on the evening news.  One of the boys even managed to catch a fish while they were filming so that was even in the clip of news!  He had his  little blue pole — maybe a smurf pole?  Can’t remember.  I’ll leave you with a picture of Backbone so you can see the leaves are just starting to change.  We still had shopping at Menard’s in Waterloo to do on the way home so once we drove through the park and enjoyed the view from the car, we headed home!

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