The Great Lakes in Iowa?!

This past weekend Hubby, one of my twins, and I went camping with another couple and their son at Okoboji Lake.  Then my oldest son came out for a day on Saturday too.  It was just beautiful weather.  We always go here at least once during the summer, but wish we could go more often.  We camp at Emerson Bay campgrounds which is VERY popular.  On one end of the campground, there is a great boat ramp with three ramps to put in and a beach area right next to that.  On the other end of the campground is a dock to fish off of or just sit and enjoy the view.   I was excited to see that the bathrooms/showers have been improved!!  Instead of the one shower area inside the bathrooms in the middle of the camp, there are now four more additional showers where each shower is in its own room and has its own door/entrance!!  You don’t even have to hold down the push button to get your shower to work..ha  I should have gotten some pictures but my phone broke and I had to use hubby’s phone and that was a real pain!!  The above picture is our camp site.  Our friends had a nicer boat but used both boats a lot!

It was perfect fishing weather so we were not the only ones out on the lake fishing!  Everywhere I turned I saw boats dropping anchor and fishing in the early morning hours.  I caught a nice pound and a half bass.  By the time we got out there, the bites were slowing down but had some fun with hubby in his boat.

Doesn’t that just make you relax looking at it?  We thought it was going to rain so put everything in the vehicle but never got the rain.

Hubby bought me something I have always wanted that may make you laugh but I was thrilled to get a cast iron dutch oven from Cabelas!  It is already seasoned and ready to go so I found this great recipe site here and cooked up two meals in it.  One was a cheesy potato recipe and one was chicken and rice.  My son decided this cooking was the way to go from now on.  Talk about good.  My phone was broke by this time so I did not get pictures of it.

They have also finished a paved bike path that starts right at the campground.  Here is a picture of the entrance which is right by the boat ramp parking lot.

This particular trail is not real long (2 miles or so) but it ends into back streets and you can get over eventually to the trail that goes from Milford north through the middle of towns and ends up by Spirit Lake .  My friend and I did not want to go that far so we went just up to the lake and pedaled a bit around the lake.

Then in the evening the rest of the gang went out to fish and I went on a nice interval walk/jog on the trail and enjoyed watching the landscape change from day to evening.

I will leave you with a picture of the big news/excitement of the weekend, though, which was my son caught his dream fish on our friends’ boat.  Luckily they even have it videotaped so he will always have the memory.  They returned the Muskie to the lake for someone else to catch so good luck!

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