Gone Fishing

The weather finally cooled off a bit, and as you can see, this weekend Hubby and I went to George Wyth State Park to do some fishing.  This state park is interesting because it is right on the edge or maybe within city limits, yet it has 120-acre East Lake where you can power boat, 40-acre natural lake named Fisher Lake, 60-acre Alice Wyth Lake that allows electric motors only and then 70-acre, no-wake George Wyth Lake which is where we went.  Oh, yeah, and then also the Cedar River!

While you can hear semis and the cars on the highway streaming by in the distance, it doesn’t detract too much from all the wildlife sounds of birds singing, the hum of circadas, and honks of occasional geese flying by.  I almost took a sound recording to post!  There is a duck in the below picture.

I managed to catch about a pound bass for the biggest fish and I also caught the first fish, but hubby caught the most, so two out of our self-made three categories go to me!  I just love plunking my bobber out there and enjoying the view.  The setting sun was just gorgeous so here are a few pictures, and you can enjoy the changing colors as I did!

Yes, I have a pink pole! 🙂

And then as we were getting ready to leave, Mr. Moon joined us.

Just a great afternoon/evening and hubby was happy.

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