The Fields are Aglow with Wildflowers

I decided this week’s post would be about the beautiful wildflowers that I see on my way to and from work each day.  I just had to pull off the road and take a couple of quick shots!  I used to look at mowed ditches and hills but now they have let the wildflowers grow, and I love viewing the colors.  I’m not sure if it is lack of funding or just a desire to make everything pretty, but it helps my three-hour drive each day at least be enjoyable.

Off to the left is a wide strip that divides the four lane.  I did catch a mower out mowing the ditch, and I hoped that they were just doing it around the cross roads for visibility.  I did notice as I got closer to Des Moines that the entire ditch had been mowed so I’m hoping I get to look at this instead of grass!!  The white Queen Anne’s Lace and the purple flower (only purple flower I know is Larkspur?) really set each other off although it’s hard to see that in the picture.

I’ll leave you with one last picture of a hill full of yellow and purple/pinkish cone flowers.  Just imagine what it must have looked like to the first settlers to the area or the American Indians!!

One thought on “The Fields are Aglow with Wildflowers

  1. I particularly like your post today because I have been enjoying the wild flowers along our gravel road when I go to and from town. Mainly, I see the Queen Anne’s lace (beautiful!) and a blue flower that I think is chickory (?). If I’m wrong, my apologies to my ex who tried hard to teach them all to me. I read the other day that farmers should hold off mowing their ditches until late July, to give the meadowlarks, dicsissles, bobwhites etc. more habitat for nesting. Their numbers are dwindling. Hope to see less mowed ditches in the future!

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