Over Hill, Over Dale . . .

I am finally getting to the hiking part of Cumberland Falls State Park.  While I didn’t see any moonbeams, I did get to see plenty of rainbows!

I love rainbows so much that I even had an office room decorated in rainbow colors (green file cabinets and everything) and even had rainbow curtains thanks to my mom!  As you can see, the river was really muddy because it was so high so while there was a ton of water in the waterfall, it wasn’t at its prettiness.

Very powerful though!  Before we hiked to the waterfalls, we started out the morning on a nature trail so they had some placards out explaining what certain trees and/or plants were etc.  The picture below we had just gotten started so thought I would show you the terrace where we sat and looked out from a below view.

This was the start of the nature trail and we proceeded down many stairs and many switchbacks.   There were a lot of rock formations and caves on all the trails we took in Kentucky so I don’t know exactly where the cave was in the below picture, but I like that the billy-goat son crawled up there and hubby stood below.

I was fascinated by the holly because I never thought about how it grows when you get it at Christmas.  I thought it was a plant or something, I guess, and that it grew in the cold.  Not a real thought-out idea I know!  But I digress just like we did while hiking because all the sudden we were at the Cumberland River and then realized we were a bit lost.

However, we got on another trail and ended up at the falls so it all worked out.  If you ever make it here, you have got to go to the gift shop at the falls!!  It’s a very big store as far as gift shops go, and I could have bought a ton of things.  I loved the wood Christmas trees made out of a single log of wood and the scrap metal pieces from cars and things that were made into animals.  However, hubby managed getting me out of there without spending a ton.  Now, on to Arch Rock!

Arch Rock is a natural arch located a short distance away in the Daniel Boone National Forest that pretty much surrounds the park.  We drove to the trail head and so the picture above is from there.  Then we proceeded to go up and down more stairs (remember my calves were killing me each time I went downstairs after the lighthouse) to get up close and personal with arch rock.  It was a pretty trail although it was getting very hot by this time.  We did eventually make it to the destination.

On the way out I snapped a closeup picture of the rock because it was very interesting to see a line of pebbles almost in a straight line like someone was arranging them in the stone.  This was a common thing to see as we walked.

 Once again I wished we had more time here!  We didn’t make it to the lake or on any other trails.  I thought about going to the pool because it was so hot by the time we got back, but we never made it past the patio.  We spent the late afternoon there with out laptops looking at pictures and enjoying the birds.  Well, son and I did.  Hubby was reading his book.  We got up at 4 am to head for home so son could be reunited with his wife who was back from Afghanistan.

2 thoughts on “Over Hill, Over Dale . . .

  1. A comment on the American Holly…is that a vine? My holly bushes must be British Holly or something because they grow in bush form and you need a male and female bush to get the red berries (I found this out after purchasing only one bush a few years ago.) I am surprised to see in your picture what looks like a vine.

  2. No, it was a huge bush or small tree, not a vine. That is what surprised me. I always thought it was a vine or something! You made me laugh out loud when you said yours must be British or something…hehehe

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