Rustic Home Away from Home

After the graduation ceremony my son, hubby and I left right away and headed out to Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky where I had booked us a room for two nights at the Dupont Lodge.  Kentucky labels their state parks differently according to the amenities, I guess, and this was a “resort” state park so it even had a pretty big swimming pool although I never made it there.

It was a -drive or so and was a nice place to rest before hitting the final 12-hour drive.  We got there around 6 or 7 PM, and I immediately loved it because it was so old and you had to wind your way through those old-fashioned narrow halls and stairs to get to the room.  I had gotten a great deal on a “small” room it said with two queen beds.  It was this long narrow room with two queen beds..ha..and we loved it for its uniqueness not to mention price.  The bathroom was huge so you could tell they just carved out various rooms from rooms already there.  I didn’t think to get pictures of the inside.

There are all these giant common areas with a fireplace in the main room.  Furniture was arranged in the common area rooms for small groups of people to play games or sit around and talk, and there were even a couple of checker boards there.  In the back is a nice patio where we spent our first evening together as  you can see in the above picture.  This terrace or patio sits up high and you look out over the Cumberland River Valley.

Isn’t that a great view?  When I looked down there were the cutest racoons down below.  I’m not sure you can see them but one with his face turned toward me is on the far bottom right of the next picture.

I stole out to the patio in the early morning after I quietly made some coffee before the guys were up and watched the sun rise and listened to all the birds.  I couldn’t get over the number of gold finches flitting around, but when we went down to breakfast, I found out why.  They had bird feeders outside the large windows for diners to watch the wildlife.  It also explained the racoons from the night before!  The patio was directly above it all.  In addition to birds, we also saw racoon and squirrels eating up the bird feed while we ate our meals.

The food was good but not out of this world, about what I would expect from a buffet.    Watching the wildife sure enhanced the experience.  The lodge also has Internet for those of you that can’t live without.  I really enjoyed it and hope we can have a family reunion there some day with all my side of the family.  The next blog will be pictures of the falls and from our hiking around the park and the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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