Controversial Capitol Visit (South Carolina’s Capitol)

The South Carolina State capitol building at first approach was a bit disappointing because the dome was dark, so compared to Iowa’s beautiful gold dome that I see every day on my way to work, it came up a bit short.  However, the beautiful grounds and statues on the grounds more than made up for the non-shining dome!  I told Hubby that I was not into looking at a statue, but I quickly became fascinated with the ones here.  This is my favorite although unfortunately I tipped the camera a bit.

I couldn’t believe how realistic the leaves looked on this statue of SC’s state tree — the Palmetto.  I was so inspired I had to buy Palmetto ear rings from the gift store — he he he!

So you might be wondering about my title for this blog, but first I want to show — well, I’m not sure what to call the below two pictures, but I guess I will call it a two-part statue diorama.  It is hard to describe, but there are two sides of these walls where parts of the people seemed to be coming out of the wall.  The men actually looked like they were marching out of the wall with the flag waving.

the most recent statues on the grounds

Here is what it looks like from a distance but it was in the shadows so hard to see it:

But back to the controversial part.  This monument was added much later than the other statues after an argument broke out about continuing to fly the confederate flag on the capitol grounds.  There was a compromise to move the flag to the side of the capitol and at least not have it at the main entrance.  I never did see the flag although there was absolutely no breeze so none of the flags were showing what they were.  Anyway, this display was added after the controversy so besides the two monuments, there is also a plaque with a map showing where the slaves came from and a piece of rock from each area they originated from.  I’m standing behind that display.

Here are two more pictures of the outside grounds. but I found it hard to capture the grand old feel of the outside.  Too bad I can’t add the heat to these pictures and how blissful being in the shade was!

Now on to the beautiful inside.  When I first walked in, I was greeted by these not-so-beautiful concrete pillars, but as you can see, the lighting makes it very beautiful.

We did not take the time to have a tour, but I encourage anyone that gets a chance to go through it because they have people out all over the place waiting to answer questions and the tour seems to happen a lot along with a movie.  We just did not have the time, but here are a few pictures of the beautiful inside:

We had to leave too quickly so we could get to the fishing pier in the ocean and hubby could fish during the tide coming in, so we only got to spend 45 minutes visiting the capitol.  I would recommend at least a couple hours.  I was glad we carved out some time to go, however, and hubby made it in plenty of time to fish in the ocean.  I’ll save those tales for a later entry.

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