Leaping Lizards

The morning was spent relaxing while Husband and Son were out shopping and getting haircut and who knows what all they did.  Then finally around 11:30 we left the hotel for Congaree National Park.

Rather silly hat but it did its job!  We were relieve when we were greeted with a mosquito meter because…well, see for yourself!

No bug spray needed!  After checking out the small visitor center and getting a stamp for my national parks passport book, we braved the heat and humidity for the boardwalk hiking trail.

There was one end that we couldn’t go on because trees had been knocked down by a previous storm right onto the boardwalk.  However, we did wander off on a second trail by accident so I’m sure that made up for it.  It is hard to describe the feel of the place with its humidity, heat, and pine smell.  In the shade — which is most of the trail — it wasn’t too bad but it just kind of sits on you somehow.

Wildlife was everywhere for the observant.  We kept disturbing little lizards every so often sunning themselves in patches of sunlight on the board walk or along side it.  I couldn’t help but think my daughter-in-law would have enjoyed seeing them. See if you can see them in the next few pictures.

The blue tail was beautiful on that one.

Did you see it?  Here is the close-up shot.

There were many more where these came from, but I will save you the trouble of looking at them.  I also had pictures of turtles swimming and dragonflies buzzing around that maybe I will show in later posts but I want to get to the trees!  It hurt my neck to look straight up, and I still had a hard time seeing the top!

Then the base of the trees were so interesting.  Here is a knobby one called a Loblolly Pine Tree.

In the last photo below, you can see those sticks that are almost pointed sticking straight up out of the ground and my son has his hand resting on one.  Those are called the tree’s knees and are  a part of the tree’s root system helping it to breath when it’s flooded.  We could see them all over making it look like stalagmites on a cave floor.

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