Are we there yet?!

We made it to my mom’s Friday night and today was the dreaded long-drive day.  It was exactly 15 hours in a car which is way too much if you ask me!  We started out at 5 am and picked up breakfast at Burger King about a half hour into the trip.  That was a treat actually as we had not eaten breakfast at Burger King in a long time.  Hubby enjoyed his french toast sticks!

The traffic was very light until we hit Kentucky.  States we went through were Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and finally South Carolina.  I really feel 10 hours a day of driving is my limit, but my son was waiting for us so hubby really did most of the driving.  My neck was really bothering me so that was definitely nice.  I was almost done with my book tape so I only had two discs to listen to so finished that quickly while it was my driving time so time dragged on.  We stopped at all the visitor centers as you enter each state but I managed to not add too many brochures since I’ve learned I end up throwing them away.  I snapped the picture below as we entered North Carolina (briefly).  Loved looking at the Appalachian Mountains as we drove though those.  The Smokies were definitely looking very smoky.

North Carolina Visitor Center/Rest Area

We arrived at Candlewood Suites at 9 pm local time.  Although everything is crammed together, it’s a real nice room with a cute kitchen.  Too bad we are only staying the one night!

Columbia Candlewood Suites

2 thoughts on “Are we there yet?!

  1. So far, so good…what a long day for you. When do you meet up with your son? I guess you said that was today or was he waiting for you at the Candlewood? Why is it that the Smokies look so smokey? Hope you post some pics of the graduation ceremony since we are all missing out on it.

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