On the Way Home…

So my last stop on the trip back home is Cumberland Falls State Park where we spend two nights at the lodge there.  The good news is there were rooms available but the bad news was the rooms were available because there is no full moon so we won’t be able to see the moonbow.  What is a moonbow?  Well, I am told that on nights where there is a full moon one can go out to the waterfall and actually see a rainbow or moonbow from the top of the falls down to the bottom.  The only other place in the world you can see this is at Victoria Falls in Southern Africa so it sure would have been nice to see!

You may remember from previous posts, I chose this park because it is next to the Daniel Boone Forest, but it really looks like we could stay in this park and have plenty of trails to go on.  Some trails connect up to other trails actually in the Daniel Boone Forest.  We will talk to the staff at the Lodge and decide what to do on the full day we have there.  My son will be riding back with us so he is very high energy and I’m sure we will get to see a lot!

The trip starts soon, and I have not packed yet or collected all my healthy food snacks together so I designated today as the day to get it all together so I can just throw the stuff in the car and go when it’s time!  I will be sure and collect some pictures as we go and post as I can throughout the trip, but most of it I will probably have to be saved for when I get home.

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